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His laser sword was shining brightly. His energy was stimulated by the power of the five elements. Light beams began to inflate, and then continuously shrank.


Back at the home base of the Sword Shield Rose battle team, Lin Feng and his team had not been at the base for the past few days. Instead, they had been training by themselves, focusing on their specialties. The resources that they could use were beyond what others could compare to.


Heracles was apparently not prepared for failure. He was still seated in the cockpit. When he was restrained, he thought that his mental strength could easily break free, but it did not. Yet the ensuing heavy strike broke his resolved, but his Rune Shield blocked it. However, the continuous explosive ability of his opponent exceeded his expectations. The uninterrupted, high-explosive attacks created a huge impact on his Rune Energy Shield and himself. It was an undisputed fact that they were physically weak.


Everyone had widened their eyes. What sort of power was this? The earlier blast had nearly killed both of them, yet he still had such spiritual power.


Possessing eight claws, the Hunting Demons mechs beast form was spider-like. It truly lived up to its reputation as an all-terrain overlord mech. Apparently, any warrior who controlled such a mech had to imagine himself as a real spider. Bionic mimicry and understanding the behaviour of spiders. It was totally crazy.


Let us all remember this great warrior! Hes Zhang Shan from Earth! Si Jiali sounded a little hoarse as well. Aslan was a humanistic empire. Faced with such a glorious moment, they lost control as well.

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The entire arena was dead silent. A few seconds later, Jondi Lilick provided a prompt. The winner for the first vanguard battle goes to the Sword Shield Rose battle team!


The Wind God’s continuous pursuit in offense, including that fatal roundhouse kick, had all been executed in one go. It was simply the prime example of a textbook attack.


Dont worry. Aslan represents the fairness and justice of mankind. I hope that Your Highness will find what you seek.


He was also exerting pressure in the details. No one knew about facing the fear and power of death better than the Arbiters.


The Phantom King split in two… The two mecha charged towards the Guillotine simultaneously. Bang, bang, bang…


“Which one of you is interested in the second match?” asked Lin Feng with a smile. The mood within the Sword Shield Rose battle team was obviously very relaxed.


This was a profound mystery. Aslan’s Royal College and the Military Officer School had all done research, yet, up till now, no one had been able to do it. Di Maria, being a genius, had, of course, taken such classes, but he felt that doing so was simply torturing himself.



The members of Sword Shield Rose were shocked, and clearly could not believe it. Although it looked bad, Ouyang Chuanyun had a chance for a critical strike.



This might not have been the most exciting battle, but it was definitely the greatest battle. Humans were human because of their kindness.


Although he knew that the people of Tita were physically huge, in comparison, Ma Su felt that he was, for the first time, small.


That was why Student Wang had gone to scrounge for supplies, while Mars and Zhang Zhun minded the house. Tags were still scattered on the floor. These things, fought over everywhere else, did not have much meaning here.

  • Heracles did not care who was the opponent, nor the choice of the mech. He just needed to win this match.
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